Summer Geo-Scavenger Hunt



How to Play:

Find items on the list, and post photos in the SJGS LinkedIn ( Group page with hashtag #sjgssgeoscavengechallenge2022. Or submit photos to to be posted in LinkedIn group.

Winners will have found all items on the scavenger hunt list and keep track with one photo per scavenger hunt category. Pictures must be posted in the group page or emailed to SJGS email and include a short description and location for audit purposes. Participants must keep track of their own findings and alert SJGS when all have been found. Photo submissions for the non-geological categories must have rocks in the photo and submit supporting evidence (e.g. screen shot of GPS for longest hike, etc).

Cost: $20/pp

To register please click on the following link:

• 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
• Student Field Camp Scholarships

Scavenger Hunt Items:
• Wind gap
• Shark tooth
• Vertical beds
• Chevron fold
• Fault breccia
• Anticline
• Dike
• Volcanic cone
• Basalt flow
• Columnar basalt
• Alluvial fan
• Glacial moraine
• Point bar
• Unconformity in outcrop
• Oil seep
• Channelized sand in outcrop
• Apparent Normal Fault in outcrop
• Apparent reverse fault in outcrop
• Obsidian
• U shaped valley
• Mud cracks
• Striations (glacial or mineral)
• Glacial polish
• Exfoliation weathering
• Evidence of mass wasting
• Lahar deposits
• Glacier
• Inverted topography
• Offset drainage
• Sync line in outcrop
• Detachment surface
• Serpentinite in outcrop
• Ripples
• Foliated metamorphic rock

Non-geological portion:
• Longest hike
• Greatest change in altitude
• Hike at the highest elevation
• Most ridiculous hiking attire