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Change of Venue Announcement

San Joaquin Geological Society,
on October 13th, 2015
will be held at;

The Fraternal Order of Eagles
Eagles Lodge 1718 17th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93302

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The Veteran’s Hall asked the SJGS to move our monthly meetings to a different night so they could take on a new client who had requested every Tuesday evening. The Officers decided to stay with our traditional second Tuesday meeting times and move to a new venue. We have chosen the Eagles Lodge in the downtown vicinity for our new meeting location.

San Joaquin Geological Society, meeting on 10/13/2015 will be held at the Eagles Lodge, 1718 17th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93302.

Contact: Beckie Burston, cell 661-364-4845

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Current Abstract



El Niño and Kern County: Past, Present (and Future?)


Sam Jameson, William “Chris” Krugh, Rob Negrini

Department of Geological Sciences
California State University, Bakersfield


El Niño is a climate/weather feature, recurring every few to several years that results in global effects including a one-to-two year-long, one-to-two tenths of .C of higher temperatures and, more notably, a shift to warmer oceans temperatures off of the Americas and higher rainfall as a result. This month’s SJGS presentation will start with a broader explanation of how the El Niño/La Niña oscillation works, including the role of equatorial winds in the Pacific Ocean and the resultant “piling up” of a deep warm water pool in the western Pacific Ocean and the subsequent “sloshing of that pool back across the Pacific Ocean toward the Americas. The global weather patterns expected over the typical cycle as a result of this process will then be presented as well as the observation that, overall, both warm El Niño and cool La Niña states are gradually getting warming in line with global warming over the past several decades.


Finally, we’ll show features associated with one of the most notorious effects of the present El Niños on Kern County, the October, 2015 mudslide that closed area highways. Photos will be presented from Dr. Krugh’s graduate geomorphology class visited the site soon after the event. As luck would have it, one of us experienced the mudflow in real time, driving the last vehicle westward on Highway 58 that made it through without getting stuck. So, you’ll hear an eyewitness account as part of the presentation.

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