SJGS 2024 Student Scholarships


Alissa Montejo

I’m a senior Geology student at CSUB and the Vice President of the Geology club. After graduation I will be attending Sacramento State field camp where I’ll be exploring places like Bishop, Owens Valley and Sierra Nevada. My research and career interests are in energy, geophysics and geodynamics.  I also plan on staying in Bakersfield to pursue a Masters in Geology at CSUB.


Leonardo Menchaca

My name is Leonardo Menchaca, a senior geology major graduating this spring semester from California State University Bakersfield. This summer, I will be fortunate enough to attend a field camp in Sacramento where I will be applying and expanding my knowledge of geologic fundamental principles. Last summer, I was given the opportunity to intern at SoCal Gas and was able to further my technical and analytic background within the energy industry. After graduation, I intend to pursue my Master of Science in Geophysics starting in the fall.



Abdullah Masri

“My name is Abdullah Masri and I will be graduating this semester with a major in geology from CSUB. I am excited about the opportunity to attend field camp in California this summer, where I will enhance my understanding of geology and gain valuable hands-on experience. While I’m open to various aspects of environmental geology, my particular interest lies in carbon dioxide mitigation and investigating the effects of human activity on the environment. My goals involve utilizing my knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on environmental sustainability.”


Morgan Hicks

I am a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Geology at Fresno State. My research interests include planetary geology, specifically exoplanets and polluted white dwarfs. I plan on becoming a planetary geologist and educator in the future.


Jean St. James

My name is Jean St. James. I am a Geology major and a junior-level student at Fresno State University. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2025. After graduation, I am interested in consulting work for a private company, or becoming a state employee as an engineering geologist. I also will be pursuing my PG upon graduation. Within the field of Geology, I am most interested in understanding and interpreting landforms while creating geologic maps and learning more about soil and rock characteristics to mitigate hazards within human infrastructure. I look forward to learning new skills during the summer field camp offered by Fresno State which will give me valuable skills to use in the industry.


Samantha Taylor-Moore

Hello, my name is Samantha Taylor-Moore, and I am a dedicated researcher with a keen focus on oil well log analysis and seismic monitorability. My research delves into innovative methods of analyzing well logs to extract valuable insights into reservoir characteristics, formation properties, and fluid behavior. Additionally, I am deeply invested in seismic monitorability, exploring techniques to enhance the detection and interpretation of seismic signals for improved reservoir monitoring and management. This research comes from my experience working at the Berkeley National Lab on an internship with CAL-EPIC and the Department of Energy. My interdisciplinary approach and commitment to advancing knowledge in these areas makes me a valuable contributor to petroleum engineering and geophysics.


Jennifer Rubalcaba

“Hello, my name is Jennifer Rubalcaba, and I am a senior geology major at CSUB graduating this semester. This summer I will be going to Scotland for field camp which is very exciting for me since it’s the birthplace for modern geology as a science! My interests lie in geologic carbon and hydrogen sequestration. I have been fascinated by this research since I participated in a summer internship opportunity at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and I will be continuing my research on this after I graduate by starting my master’s program this fall at CSUB.”