Kern County Science Foundation

The San Joaquin Geological Society supports the Kern County Science Foundation provides support through a financial contribution to the general fund and individual scholarship(s). The Kern County Science Foundation, formed in 1988, promotes science and technology education in Kern County. One of the major events sponsored by the Kern County Science Foundation is the Kern County Regional Science Fair. The society promotes geology awareness in the community by awarding scholarship(s) to the best project dealing with geological concepts and/or issues.

2013 Awards

Ken Ross, Desert High School
“Will Your Land Sink?: The Effects of Porosity and Permeability of Different Grain Sizes of Soil on Liquefaction”

Elizabeth Malone, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
“Rocked Out, Which rock is Most Effected by Freezing?”

2012 Awards

Matthew Chaffee- $125 Scholarship
“Salt and Subsidence”

William Edwards – $125 Scholarship
“Predicting the Size of a Geode Cavity Based on its Mass and Volume”

2011 Awards

Oscar Bailon – $125 Scholarship
“Rock Secrets: Where does Oil Hide?”

Matthew Chaffee – $125 Scholarship
“Sand Under Pressure: How Porosity and Grain Size Affects its Compression”

2010 Awards

James Arias – $100 Scholarship
“A Comparative Study of Three Ground Materials Relative Stability/Safety during an Earthquake Scenario for Buildings”

Matthew Chaffee – $100 Scholarship
“Me & My Oil: Where’s the Best Place to Store Oil”