Current Abstract

December 13th, 2022 Meeting Abstract

“Use and Abuse of Wireline Measurements: For Potash Exploration & Reserves Estimates”

Presented by: Don Hill, Ph.D




Dr. Donald G. Hill attended Michigan State University and The University of
Minnesota, completing a Ph.D. in geology, with a mining exploration geophysics option
and a petrophysics dissertation problem. He has spent over 40 years implementing
innovative geophysical and petrophysical solutions, for a variety of natural resource
companies involved in:

  • Geophysical research
  • Petroleum, geothermal, uranium, non-metallic minerals, and base metals exploration and production
  • Groundwater resources
  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental geology.

In this process, Dr. Hill has worked on projects in 22 US states, 3 Canadian
Provinces and 33 countries, exclusive of North America.
During the course of his career, Dr. Hill has moved easily between geophysics,
petrophysics, formation evaluation, borehole geophysics, and shallow geophysics.

Dr. Hill is currently a Consulting Petrophysicist. He is an Emeritus Adjunct
Professor of Petrophysics in the Petroleum Engineering Program at the University of
Southern California.

Dr. Hill is an active member of several international professional societies and a
published author in the fields of geophysics, petrophysics, enhanced oil recovery
(EOR), geothermal exploration, and environmental evaluation & restoration. He
has served on industry steering committees for major projects at Los Alamos
Scientific Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory, served on an ASTM standards
committee, reviewed proposals for the US Environmental Protection Agency,
reviewed standards and qualifying examinations for the California Board of
Registration for Geologists and Geophysicists, and reviewed papers submitted for
publication for several international technical journals.