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May 14, 2019 Dinner Meeting Abstract

Ventura basin oil generation, migration and entrapment

Presented by: Stuart Gordon, California Resources Corporation


Source quality, generation timing, and migration pathways control oil distribution in the Ventura basin.  Maps showing migration within the Monterey-Modelo petroleum system suggest that field sizes are related to fetch areas, and that migration shadowing has resulted in significant parts of the basin being unproductive.  

The western and eastern subbasins differ in important ways.  In the east, coarse clastics are abundant and source rocks are leaner.  Oil fields there formed earlier and oil migrated along mainly unfaulted stratal paths.  The western subbasin is less clastic dominated and source rocks are richer there.  Western fields are being strongly charged today, mostly along migration paths where oil crosses or moves upward along faults. 


Stuart Gordon is a petroleum geoscientist with 41 years of industry experience.  His geological education includes a B.S. from UCLA and an M.A. from UCSB.  Stuart’s projects have ranged from development drilling to wildcatting in the Texas Gulf Coast, Alaska, onshore and offshore California, the Rocky Mountains, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Australia, the Black Sea, Africa, and South America.  He is currently employed at CRC, the California Resources Corporation.

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