Current Abstract

June 8th, 2021 Virtual Meeting Abstract

A Family Vacation Style Journey to Iceland: The Land of
Fire & Ice, with Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Vents, Glaciers and everything in-between

Presented by: Dustin Leavitt


ABSTRACT: Iceland is one of the few tourist destinations which is now open to vaccinations. It is also the only destination that has
had an ongoing volcanic eruption which you can readily travel to and get close up and personal with. Follow a Geologist as they burn up some vacation time traveling through Iceland to some of it’s more breath taking geologic features. The barrier to entry for this one is low as the presenter is not a volcanologist by any stretch of the imagination, so enjoy the footage and a very light sprinkling of geologic theory thrown in for good measure.

Biography: Dustin Is a Kern County native, having grown up in an “Upwardly Mobile Home” in Maricopa. He is currently a Associate
Oil & Gas Engineer at CALGEM with the UIC Testing Group. He has worked on Image Log Interpretation at Schlumberger, and started
life as a lowly Mudlogger with DHI Services Inc. He has a Masters In Petroleum Geology from CSUB. He enjoys Drone Photography and surveying, and homebuilt death trap race cars on the weekends.