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October 12th, 2021 Meeting Abstract

Some Perspective on Electrical Borehole Image Logs For the End User

Presented by: Tom Howard


ABSTRACT: Electrical Borehole Image Logs have been available as a commercial wireline service since circa 1986. They have become a staple of many logging programs, not just in exploratory wells, but frequently also for development wells. While the physical technology of the logging tools is generally robust, processing and interpretation of the data sets can be temperamental — part art form and part science. For log QA/QC and data processing, some knowledge of the tool components and well logging practices is called for. For interpretation of data sets, knowledge of geology is essential. This presentation expounds on some of the potential pitfalls with the image data sets and their resolutions and highlights some techniques for robust and meaningful interpretations.

Biography: Thomas “Tom” Howard is Manager of PayZone Inc.’s Borehole Image Log Analysis group, and is a co-owner of PayZone Inc. Located in Bakersfield, California, PayZone is an oil & gas consulting firm offering integrated petrophysical, geological and engineering services world-wide, with emphasis on reservoir characterization. Tom has an extensive background in geology, wire-line well logging, well log analysis and working with whole cores, honed from a number of years spent in the waste isolation, environmental, and water well industries, before venturing into the oil and gas industry with NUMAR in the late 1990’s. He has worked with a number and variety of borehole image and dip meter logs, from California, Mid-Continent, Gulf of Mexico, and the Middle East wells for structural, depositional environment and/or fracture emphasis studies.

Prior to joining PayZone in 2009, Tom worked as a Senior Geoscientist at Baker Atlas and as a Senior Image Log Analyst at Halliburton. He has published, presented
and/or teaches on a variety of well logging and log analysis topics, including the use of borehole image logs, for which he was a co-recipient of the H. Victor Church Memorial award from the PS/AAPG in 2008. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tom is a member of SPWLA, AAPG, and an affiliate member of the SIPES Houston chapter. He is delighted to serve as Vice President of the San Joaquin Geological Society. When he has time that is free of the demands of his profession, Tom surfs on the California coast and at exotic venues around the world.